Amazing what park assist can do

From this clip of Stunt woman, Nina Armstrong let her Ford Edge self-park it into a make-shift lot that is a feet or so from free fall. You will learn the word “park assist” and know what this technology can do for driver.


Today we are going to learn “park assist”, which is a pretty darn good technology in automobile industry and it surely has impressed me a lot. What “park assist” does is basically the car itself will back into any parking space with all the sensors at its guidance. Under the watchful eyes of the driver, the car can automatically guide itself into the parking.

The folks here at Ford are taking this to the extreme to showcase their new car, Ford Edge. They called upon stunt woman, Nina Armstrong in U.K, to this roof-top makeshift parking lot. Her task is to parallel park her Ford Edge to a tiny space that is about a feet or less from free fall. Any mistake either she or the can make will destine for disaster.

From this short course, you will learn what is “park assist” and how it can work on the car. You will also learn the word “stunt woman” and what they do for living. The clip is directly licensed under Creative Commons.


Extreme parking with stunt woman, Nina Armstrong and a Ford
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